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“I can not take it anymore”. “Something needs to be done about this”. “What to do?” “How to do?”. Your condition, your emotions, your efficiency do not suit you. Your life is hopeless.

All of these are manifestations of fear. You do not want, you are afraid to do something. You already understand that this greatly hinders you. You understand that you cannot do this alone. You cannot share this with your loved ones. You are almost ready to go to a psychologist or psychotherapist. You hope he turns out to be a professional.

We offer you a way out of this situation. With the help of hardware psychotherapy “Audiocatharsis” you can change your life, get rid of fears, become happy and energetic. You can change your life as you wish. Independently, easily, quickly, cheaply, forever.

“I’m lazy”, “I don’t like”, “I don’t like”, “I’m afraid”, “I hate”. The unwillingness to do something can be expressed in different degrees. All of these are manifestations of fear.


Fear prevents you from changing your life and succeeding. Now you can change all this on your own, easily, quickly, forever.

You will begin to enjoy your work, your environment, your life.

Do it now


* You repeat several times the phrase that you usually use to describe your problem, your mental or physical pain. Your mood will worsen as a result.*.


*Put on your headphones and turn on the track. During the session, you constantly repeat this phrase*. 


*A problem is considered fully worked out when your mood improves dramatically when you repeat this phrase. It usually takes 2-5 sessions*.


You will not be able to choose a paid plan without completing the 5-day free course. On the 6th day after registration, you decide which plan you want to choose. You pay only for a quality service.

It's better than psychotherapy

You don’t need the help of shrinks. You can do it effortlessly, by yourself, at any convenient time..

You will get results very quickly. From 2 sessions. The result is a sharp increase in mood (insight)


Accurate execution of the instructions guarantees an excellent result. This improvement in mood is impossible to confuse with anything.

The first 5 days after registration are absolutely free. Check the result before you sign up for a paid plan.

To get rid of fear and anxiety you need

инструкция чб
Read the instructions
наушники чб
Put on headphones

Choose your rate

Choose a paid plan after the end of the free period.


Free / first 5 days


3 Euro / 3 days


20 Euro / 30 days


60 Euro / 90 days
I want to leave my review, hardware psychotherapy is just a bomb! Panic attacks haunted me for four to six years thanks to this therapy, I got rid of this ailment, I'm so glad that he just has no words, before that I just did not take any medicine, he did not take help, but now I'm just glad any weather, there was a positive! Thanks so much for this treatment method, friends join who else is suffering from this disease
Antonov Alex
panic attacks Kasnodar Russia
I went through three sessions using your method, the last quite a long time ago, and I want to note stable results that are very pleasant. So located to continue
psychologist Habarovsk Russia
I tried ... super ... made a session for 35 minutes ... then after half an hour .. turned on the music and danced .. And this despite the fact that it rained all day. cold .. and not joyful.
Lionid Arshavski
businessman Greece