Modern method of physiopsychotherapy “AUDIOCATHARSIS”

Every person dreams of becoming happy and getting rid of pain.

Return joy, energy, happiness to your life.
Get rid of negative emotions, laziness, chronic fatigue syndrome, stress, fear, anxiety.


You listen to a certain combination of sounds that restore the conduction of damaged nerve pathways.


Is it possible to get rid of negative emotions, laziness, irritability, anxiety and panic attacks forever?

All people are different, but all people have the same set of nerve fibers with the same electrical parameters (current strength, frequency, etc.). Our diseases are individual because the lesions of the nerve fibers are individual, along which the nerve signal ceases to go. Joy or sorrow, courage or panic does not flow through the nerves. Electrical signals only. Our emotions and health depend on how electrical signals travel along nerve fibers. The laws of distribution of electric current shape neural pathways in the best way for our health. The method of hardware physiopsychotherapy “Audiocatharsis” does not cure your individual diseases. It restores the conductivity of the same set of nerve fibers for all people. Therefore, the combination of sounds we use is the same for everyone. This allows your brain to see existing problems. Your brain then heals your individual health problems.

What will you get as a result of the course

Our mood depends only on our health. The people around us or events that darken, irritate, or upset our mood are not the cause of our negative emotions. They trigger only those parts of our memory that contain pain. Audiocatharsis only removes pain from our memory without affecting the memory itself. After completing the audiocatarsis course, external factors will not be able to evoke negative emotions in you, since they will not evoke memories of the pain you experienced. You will stop experiencing negative emotions, irritation and anxiety. You will start enjoying life.

There are no emotions without us. There are many reasons for your physical and mental discomfort. After audio catarsis sessions, you will have fewer reasons for discomfort. As a result, you are in a good mood most of the time. You will be happy most of the time.

You can experience negative emotions for a thousand different factors. But they are all connected by a sign. These emotions always cause the same physical discomfort. And the stronger this discomfort, the stronger the negative emotions that you experience. It can be a rapid heartbeat, a feeling of stiffness in the muscles, a feeling of constriction, etc. But each person experiences the same individual complex of physical ailments. The only difference is the strength with which this physical discomfort manifests itself, which means that the strength of negative emotions is also different. After sessions of audiocatarsis, complaints about physical condition become less and less frequent. You will feel like a healthy person.

Happiness is the only normal state of our body. Everything else is a manifestation of the disease. The fewer diseases a person has, the happier he feels. The happiest people are children. Then they grow up and accumulate diseases and negative emotions. Most adults and old people rarely experience happiness. After going through audiocatarsis sessions, you will become a happy person again.

The amount of energy that is produced by our nervous system is always the same. As we age, most of our energy is spent supporting chronic disease. People begin to experience energy deficit. By using stimulants, you can add energy to yourself for a very short time. After the passage of Audiocatharsis sessions, the energy consumption of diseased organs decreases. Energy deficit disappears. You will be able to spend this energy on your life again. You will become an energetic and cheerful person.

What do you think? Who is more likely to succeed in life? A person who constantly experiences fatigue, apathy, laziness? Or a person who is full of energy, the joy of happiness? Naturally, only an energetic person is able to achieve success and keep it. The more energy a person has, the more success he achieves in life. After completing Audiocatharsis sessions, your chances of achieving success in life will increase many times over.

Thoughts about death are visited only by people in the deepest depression. Only such people do not have enough energy even for the work of the instinct of self-preservation. After completing Audiocatharsis sessions, your emotional level rises immeasurably. Your life is filled with energy and joy. Suicidal thoughts will stop haunting you.

The peculiarity of human memory is that we remember only the good and forget all the bad things that happened to us before. After going through the Audiocatharsis sessions, negative emotions will disappear from your life. You will forget forever all the negative emotions that fill your life now.

Everyone knows that people are attracted to people with a strong, kind character. This is how you will become after completing the Audiocatharsis course. You will become energetic and people will want to be with you.

Loneliness is one of the hallmarks of depression. If you are depressed, then you cannot communicate with other people. This is not your energy. You are afraid of the additional loss of energy associated with communication. After going through the Audiocatharsis sessions, you will get rid of loneliness and normalize family relations.

The more pronounced the depression, the less energy a person has. This also applies to sexual relations. Lack of energy makes sex rare and boring. After going through the Audiocatharsis sessions, your sex will be bright and fulfilling again.

Everything that a person does in his life, he does in order to get more joy. But health is often the price for this joy. Taking medication is no exception. They give a short-term mood boost. Avoiding medication creates a lot of negative emotions. You become a hostage to stimulants. You become a drug addict. Audiokatarsis works quite differently. Those negative emotions that disappear during the session disappear forever. You can terminate the course at any time. The result that you have achieved will stay with you. Since you will experience positive emotions most of your time, you will no longer need to take pills and stimulants.

How many sessions do you need to go through

In order for joy, energy, efficiency to return to your life, usually 20-30 sessions are enough. If your goal is to get healthy, then you will need 100-150 sessions. We recommend conducting sessions at the beginning of the course daily, but at least 3 sessions per week.

Why is the price so low?

Everyone should be able to get rid of fears, negative emotions, laziness, anxiety, and panic attacks. Everyone has the right to be happy. The complete Audiocatharsis course costs less than one psychologist consultation.

-Long and frequent periods of low mood, depression

-Frequently emerging states of apathy, hopelessness, grief, numbness, horror, despair, fear, anxiety.

-Chronic fatigue syndrome.


-Frequent negative emotions.

-Frequent anxiety at the slightest pretext.

-Frequent irritability.

-Laziness. Lack of energy for daily activities.

-Frequent attacks of panic attacks.

-Acute inflammation and acute diseases

-Decompensation of chronic diseases

-Acute infectious diseases


-Oncological diseases

- Taking sedatives, alcohol and drugs in the last 3 days.

The method can be used when taking psychotropic drugs. In this case, the speed of achieving the result is reduced tenfold. The objective of the method is to increase the conductivity of the nerve pathways. The task of psychotropic drugs is to reduce the conduction of nerve pathways. Therefore, if you have the opportunity, then you stop taking medications for a few days. If this is not possible, then start taking sessions while taking medication. After a few weeks, you yourself will feel that you can reduce the dosage of drugs. Gradually, during the sessions, you will completely give up the pills. After that, your health will improve at the usual rate. This means very fast.

Advantages of Hardware Psychotherapy

Studies have shown high efficacy in 97% of patients. Treatment with a psychotherapist lasts for years. "Audiocatharsis" brings you back to life, fills you with energy from the first session. You will start living a fulfilling life this month. The resulting effect lasts for years.


The toxic effect of drugs on your body and on your brain is eliminated.




You are not dependent on anyone. You conduct the session yourself. The participation of other people in your procedure is excluded. You are in complete control of the entire process.


 You conduct the session as comfortably as possible.


You do not need to make an appointment, go somewhere, chat with strangers when you do not want it. No action is required on your part. All you have to do is choose a couple of hours so that you are not disturbed, with headphones and Internet access. And just follow the instructions.


For one hour of work of a psychologist, you will pay more than the entire course "Audiocatharsis". 1 package of a medicine is more expensive than a whole course.


Each doctor specializes in one area. The laws of distribution of electric current are the same throughout the universe, therefore, hardware psychotherapy is effective for everyone. You will get the result regardless of gender, age, education, race, nationality, language


I want to leave my review, hardware psychotherapy is just a bomb! Panic attacks haunted me for four to six years thanks to this therapy, I got rid of this ailment, I'm so glad that he just has no words, before that I just did not take any medicine, he did not take help, but now I'm just glad any weather, there was a positive! Thanks so much for this treatment method, friends join who else is suffering from this disease
Antonov Alex
panic attacks Kasnodar Russia
I went through three sessions using your method, the last quite a long time ago, and I want to note stable results that are very pleasant. So located to continue
psychologist Habarovsk Russia
I tried ... super ... made a session for 35 minutes ... then after half an hour .. turned on the music and danced .. And this despite the fact that it rained all day. cold .. and not joyful.
Lionid Arshavski
businessman Greece

Instruction manual
Violation of each point of the instructions can lead to a deterioration in your health.

Mandatory points of the instructions

1) Purchase headphones with a speaker diameter of at least 40 mm. If you violate this paragraph, you will not receive the effect of the session. Even the best violin will not repeat the sound of a double bass.

2) The duration of the session is equal to the duration of the audio track (107 minutes). If you violate this point, you can end the session with a worsening of your condition. You can listen to the track 2-10 times during the day. But each time the track must be listened to to the end.

3) During the session, active physical activity, sports are prohibited. You cannot talk, listen to music, radio, player, computer, TV.

Desirable points of the instruction for execution


4) Take the test. The number of points scored during the test is approximately equal to the number of sessions required to get the first feeling of cheerfulness and energy.

5) Make sure that during the session there will be no loud sounds around you that interfere with listening to the track. If this point is violated, the effectiveness of the session decreases by 3-5 times.

6) It is forbidden to sleep during the session. If this point is violated, the effectiveness of the session decreases by 3-5 times. Before the session, you need to sleep and eat.

7) During the session, it is allowed to sit, stand, lie, read, work and play on the computer (no sound), play, walk in a quiet place.

8) If unpleasant sensations appear during the session, then the session should be finished only after they have completely disappeared. This usually happens towards the end of the track.

9) The time of the appearance of the state of joy, happiness for the first time depends on the degree of damage to the conduction of the nerve pathways. The number of sessions is approximately equal to the number of points you earned on the test.

Check the suitability of your headphones

Connect the headphones to the computer and turn on the player. When listening, you should hear a uniform buzz. If there is a crackling or clicks, decrease the sound. If extraneous noise continues, then the headphones are of poor quality. If you hear a buzzing, whistling, or hissing sound, the diameter of the headphones is less than 40 mm. In both cases, using such headphones is pointless. The sound volume in the headphones should be approximately equal to the volume of a calm male voice.

During the session, you will alternately experience drowsiness and energy. At the beginning of the course, drowsiness will prevail. At the end of the track, your mood will be better than it was before the session. After each session, the difference will be more pronounced. During the session, you will intensify those unpleasant sensations that you usually experienced. By the end of the session, they will disappear. After several sessions, they will disappear forever. To learn more.

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