Hardware psychotherapy will return energy, joy, confidence, calmness to your life.

A modern method of physiotherapy with the help of specially created sounds on a computer

It will help you if you are worried

Chronic fatigue

Fast fatiguability

Anxiety and Insomnia




Negative emotions



Why do we need energy


Images, sounds, smells do not flow through the nerve fibers. Only electric current.

The more electricity reaches the brain, the more energetic and efficient we feel.

The better our mental and physical health.

Hardware psychotherapy "Audiocatharsis"
will help you

Get Energetic

Improve the quality of life

Succeed in life

Gain self-confidence

Bring joy back into your life

Find peace

Build relationships with loved ones

Get rid of fears and phobias

Get rid of stress

Get rid of insomnia

Get rid of anxiety

Benefits of hardware psychotherapy

-You don't need someone else's help

-No effort is required from you

-You get the result already on the trial course

-The whole process is under your control

-No medication required

-Your sessions are completely anonymous

-Excluded errors due to the "human factor"

- You conduct sessions when it is convenient for you

- "Audiocatharsis" does not allow errors

-The course costs less than one session of a psychologist

- The result remains forever

-The result does not depend on gender, age, language, nationality,

-You only pay if it helps you

How to conduct a session

You begin to describe your problem, complain about your life and those around you. As a result, your mood worsens.


Put on your headphones and turn on the track, listen to the combination of sounds (buzz). During the session, you periodically recall your problem.

A problem is considered fully worked out when you experience joy and an uplift of energy as you continue to describe your problem. You will have peace and confidence. It usually only takes a few sessions.

Indications for use​

  • Chronic fatigue, fatigue
  • Lack of energy and strength
    Laziness, procrastination.
  • Fear of loss, death, loss
  • Fear of communication, speeches, dating, relationships
  • Fear of any situations or actions
  • Stress
  • Anxiety, insomnia


  • Acute purulent-inflammatory processes and diseases, acute respiratory infections
  • Decompensation of chronic diseases
  • Acute infectious diseases
  • Psychiatric diseases
  • Oncological diseases, malignant neoplasms
  • Pregnancy

About method

As a result of listening to a combination of sounds specially created on a computer, the normal conduction of nerve fibers is restored. The amount of electricity entering the brain increases. This is manifested by a significant increase in energy. As well as improving your mental and physical health.

What do you need to gain peace of mind and self-confidence?


Read the instructions

наушники чб

Put on headphones


I want to leave my review, hardware psychotherapy is just a bomb! Panic attacks haunted me for four to six years thanks to this therapy, I got rid of this ailment, I’m so happy about it, there are simply no words, before that I didn’t take any contraceptives, nothing helped, but now I’m just happy about any weather, a positive has appeared! Thank you very much for this method of treatment, friends join who else suffers from this disease
Antonov Alexander
Panic attacks. Krasnodar region
I went through three sessions according to your method, the last one is quite a long time ago and I want to note the stable results, which are very pleasing. So located to continue
Stress. Psychologist. Khabarovsk region
I tried ... super .. did a session of 35 minutes .. then after half an hour .. turned on the music and danced .. And this despite the fact that it rained all day. cold..and not happy.
Arshavsky Leonid Isakovich
Chronic fatigue. Businessman. Greece

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