Joy or sorrow, courage or panic do not flow through the nerves. Only electrical signals. Our emotions are an indicator of the amount of electrical current flowing into the brain. “Audiocatharsis” helps to “switch” nerve impulses to fibers with the least resistance. This allows you to increase the amount of electricity reaching the brain. As a result, energy and efficiency increase. Fear disappears, mood improves. All people are different, but all people have the same set of nerve fibers with the same electrical parameters (current strength, frequency, etc.). Our diseases are individual because the lesions of the nerve fibers along which the nerve signal ceases to go are individual. Our mental and physical health depends on how electrical signals travel along the nerve fibers. Nervous pathways are naturally formed in the best way for our health. The method of apparatus physiopsychotherapy “Audiocatharsis” does not cure your individual diseases. It restores the conductivity of the same set of nerve fibers for all people. Therefore, the combination of sounds that we use is the same for everyone. This allows your brain to see existing problems. After that, your brain heals your individual health problems.