The author of the method is Rodion Vladimirovich Kuznetsov, an anesthesiologist-resuscitator with 30 years of practical experience in city, district and regional hospitals. 1970 year of birth. Married, has 3 adult children. For the last 25 years he has been working on the problem of a mathematical model of the nervous system and the creation of medicine for chronic conditions. Life credo – “The only duty of a person is to be happy”.

About the method of hardware psychotherapy "Audiocatharsis"


      Once a colleague called me to his place with a request to come up with something in the treatment of his paralyzed mother-in-law. We decided to try a brachial nerve block on her to improve circulation in her arm. And against this background, try to massage. When, 20 minutes after the blockade, the patient’s previously completely motionless arm and leg began to move, we were amazed. 45 minutes after the injection, the patient got up and walked. None of my colleagues was able to explain this phenomenon to me. I also failed to find understanding in the medical literature.


    Since this fact interested me very much, I began to try these blockades on other patients who had had a stroke. Indications, contraindications were found. As a result, a patent for invention No. 2316319 “Method for the treatment of motor disorders of the pyramidal type and means for its implementation” was obtained.


      The appearance of a method of treatment did not make clear the mechanism of this process. Therefore, I continued to search in the specialized literature and with the help of clinical studies. A hypothesis was created as to how it works. From the created hypothesis, conclusions were drawn about how this or that intervention should act on the course of the disease. If the actual results differed from the theoretically predicted ones, then the hypothesis was revised. Thus, 7 variants of the hypothesis about the principles of the nervous system were created and refuted. This model is 8th. For several years now, with its help, it has been possible to explain all the facts in classical, traditional, oriental medicine and psychology.


      The very method of treatment using a certain combination of sounds appeared in 2006. During a dispute with an employee of the Department of Psychology at Novosibirsk State University, I expressed my opinion that psychology is a descriptive science that does not understand anything about the processes occurring in the brain. In response, I received a proposal to create an apparatus for the treatment of psychological processes. In the heat of the argument, I agreed.


       I made the assumption that the principles of operation of the nerves are the same in the head and in the periphery. Later this assumption was confirmed. Nerve impulses according to the same physical laws, regardless of the location of the nerve fibers.


      During this period, I created a large number of physiotherapy devices with different methods of influence (light, electricity, magnetic field, etc.). The sound was chosen because of the technical simplicity of achieving the required parameters. On April 19, 2006, the first working prototype of the hardware psychotherapy “Audiocatharsis” was created. It took about 15 years to create a modern method and the most effective sound range.


      The purpose of hardware psychotherapy “Audicatarsis” is not to rid you of physical or mental problems. These are side effects. This method is aimed at restoring the optimal conductivity of the nerve pathways, reducing electrical resistance in reflex complexes. And an increase in the flow of electrical energy into the nervous system leads to a complete recovery of your body.

Be healthy and happy
Kuznetsov R.V.
doctor and author of the method