Hardware psychotherapy "Audiocatharsis"

Hardware psychotherapy will bring the joy of movement back into your life.

A modern method of physiotherapy using specially created sounds on a computer

It will help you if you are worried

Cerebral palsy

Как это работает

Images, sounds, and smells do not flow through the nerve fibers. Only electric current.

The more electricity reaches the brain, the more energetic and efficient we feel.

The more connections are formed between nerve cells.

The better our mental and physical health.

Hardware psychotherapy "Audiocatharsis"
will help you

Relax your muscles

Improve quality of life

Gain self-confidence

Restore sensitivity

Improve memory

Find peace

Reduce muscle pain

Become energetic

Improve speech

Advantages of hardware psychotherapy

-You don't need other people's help

-No effort required from you

-You get results already in the trial course

-The whole process is under your control

-No medications required

-Your sessions are completely anonymous

- Errors are eliminated due to the “human factor”

-You conduct sessions when it is convenient for you

- "Audiocatharsis" does not allow mistakes

-The course costs less than one rehabilitation session

-The result remains forever

-The result does not depend on gender, age, language, nationality,

-You only pay if it helps you

How to conduct a session


Put on headphones or turn on a speaker. Turn on the track, listen to the combination of sounds (buzz). During the session you go about your business.

The criteria for pronounced positive dynamics in cerebral palsy are: 1) Facilitation of movement 2) Improvement of fine motor skills 3) The appearance of a feeling of lightness in the body.


  • Cerebral palsy
  • Muscle tension in the limbs, body, neck, head
  • Difficulty speaking
  • Lack of energy and strength
  • Poor memory, distraction


  • Acute purulent-inflammatory processes and diseases, acute respiratory infections
  • Decompensation of chronic diseases
  • Acute infectious diseases
  • Psychiatric diseases
  • Oncological diseases, malignant neoplasms
  • Pregnancy

About the method

As a result of listening to a specially created combination of sounds on a computer, normal conduction of nerve fibers is restored. The amount of electricity entering the brain increases. This is manifested by a significant increase in energy. And also improving your mental and physical health.

What do you need to get rid of cerebral palsy?


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