Why don't sessions give the promised results?

There may be several reasons, but the main reason is one - a violation of the instructions.
The most frequent questions:
How long will the treatment take

This is individual, but there are criteria by which you can navigate. One year of illness can be removed in 2-3 sessions. If the problem has been bothering you for 10 years, then you will need at least 20 sessions.

Очень важно как точно вы составили фразы для лечения. “Точные” фразы помогают избавиться от части проблемы, связанной с этой фразой за 2-4 сеанса. “Общие” фразы требуют до 20 сеансов. 

Your mood improves very slowly, almost imperceptibly

For 5 days given for a free test course, you may not have time to get the desired effect.

1) You did not find the right phrase for the session.

Maybe you found it too difficult. Maybe you fundamentally deny the possibility of mental and physical discomfort after pronouncing certain phrases. Maybe you are afraid to say the necessary phrases because they cause too much discomfort.

In any case, you will not be able to remove a certain fear without searching for the necessary phrases. So try again. Tell the real or imaginary interlocutor again about your problem. Please note that if the story lasts more than 2 minutes, you will start to repeat yourself. You use the same words and phrases to describe your problem. These repetitions are the necessary phrases. Write them down or memorize them. After that, repeat one of the found phrases several times (3-10). If you plunged into your memories, your mood worsened, you felt some indistinct or quite understandable discomfort in your body, then the phrase is found. If constant repetitions are indifferent to you, then look for other phrases. It is better to spend 10-20 minutes before the course than to take the course without any significant benefit.

You do not understand how to choose a phrase

Without the phrases, “Audiocatharsis” will only work with the physical discomfort that is currently manifesting. If you want to remove a specific problem, fear, then the selection of phrases is a very important part of the session. You don’t have to come up with something complicated. Just talk about your problem (fear) to a real or imaginary interlocutor. The most powerful phrases will be those that you repeat several times. Repeat the chosen phrase 2-10 times. If your mood has worsened, or physical discomfort has appeared, then you have succeeded.

What are "exact" and "general" phrases

By “precise” phrases we mean phrases that describe a very narrow problem. “General” are phrases that can describe a large number of problems. For example. The phrase “I don’t like ice cream” would be “accurate”. Because describes only the discomfort associated with ice cream. The phrase “I don’t like” is a “common” phrase. With it, you can describe a huge number of situations that make you uncomfortable. It can be ice cream, and running, and relationships, and anything. Therefore, in the first case (with the “exact” phrase), your condition will return to normal after 2-3 sessions. In the second case (with the “general” phrase), you may notice an improvement in well-being after 2-3 weeks of daily sessions.

Your health has deteriorated significantly

You repeat 2 or more phrases at once during a session.

If you resort to images, then your path to health can be compared to a road on which piles of stones periodically lie, making your path difficult. All your life you have been trying to get around these stones, treading new paths. Hardware psychotherapy “Audiocatharsis” allows you to sort out these blockages once and for all. But if you remove these stones one by one (one phrase at a time), then you will quickly cope with this matter. Maybe not even sweating. If you decide to lift a lot of stones at once, you can overstrain.

If you continue the course, then even with this behavior, you will get the desired result. But it may take up to 3 weeks. 3 weeks of terrible mood and exacerbation of your illnesses. I’m not sure that getting rid of fears is worth paying such a high price.

You end the session in a bad mood. Perhaps even worse than the session started.

You repeat the desired phrases throughout the session.

A) The session should be divided into 2 parts. The first 60-70 minutes you repeat the phrase. For the last 35-45 minutes, do not repeat the phrase. Think about anything but your fear. Only with this approach, all the discomfort that arose in the first part of the session can be removed in the second.

B) But even if you do everything right, your mood may not improve until the end of the session. This happens when you work through a very pronounced fear in you. If this situation occurs, the following is recommended. The phrase is repeated until you feel bad. Until the sensations evoked turn into almost the fear that you are working through. Even if you have been saying the phrase for 5-10 minutes, stop this part of the session. For the rest of the session, do not repeat the phrases. Let hardware psychotherapy completely remove the discomfort that has arisen. Start repeating the phrases again after your condition returns to normal and your mood improves.

C) If you started to conduct sessions because your fears are sharply expressed at the moment, then any attempt to repeat the phrases will be accompanied by tears, deepening depression, apathy. In this case, you need to start the course without searching for the necessary phrases. Let hardware psychotherapy remove the pronounced discomfort that you now have. With severe depression, this can take up to 3-4 weeks. But you can start conducting sessions according to general rules only after your mood improves significantly.

You have small headphones

The method is based on the accuracy of sound reproduction. Numerous experiments have shown that with a speaker diameter of less than 40 mm, the sound spectrum does not match the desired one. The brand and quality of the headphones in this case does not matter. As a result, your condition will worsen.

You are taking psychotropic drugs

The method can be used in such patients. In this case, the speed of achieving the result is reduced tenfold. The objective of the method is to increase the conductivity of the nerve pathways. The task of psychotropic drugs is to reduce the conductivity of the nerve pathways. Therefore, if you have the opportunity, then you will stop taking the medication for a few days. If this is not possible, then start taking sessions while taking medication. After a few weeks, you yourself will feel that you can reduce the dosage of the drugs. Gradually, against the background of the sessions, you will completely abandon the pills. After that, the improvement of your health will go at the usual rate. It means very fast.

You are very annoyed by the sound in the headphones

During the session, the physical and psychological discomfort that you usually experience increases many times over. By the end of the session, this discomfort is reduced. Thus, passing the course, you completely get rid of your disease.

You end the session at the wrong time

During the session, 4 phases pass sequentially: depression, irritation, calmness, joy. If you did not end the session exactly on time, then your mood will correspond to the wrong phase. You will be in this state until the present session. The first phases are especially pronounced at the beginning of the course of apparatus psychotherapy.

You do not believe that one method can cure many diseases

You are absolutely right. But the fact is that hardware psychotherapy does not cure ANY disease. It does not cure bronchial asthma, diabetes, cerebral palsy, depression, neuroses, panic attacks. The purpose of this method is to restore the functioning of the nerves. And the normalization of the innervation of organs leads to a cure for bronchial asthma, diabetes, cerebral palsy, depression, neurosis, panic attacks.