Why does everyone dream of becoming more energetic


The efficiency of the nervous system depends on the amount of current flowing through it.

Emotions are an indicator of the amount of electrical current reaching the brain. Therefore, there is a direct relationship between energy and emotions.

As a result of injuries and illnesses, a large number of sections of the nerve pathways with high electrical resistance arise. The number of electrical impulses produced by the receptors becomes insufficient.

The brain is deficient in energy. It feels like fatigue, devastation, laziness.

Understanding this intuitively, we strive to do everything possible to regain our energy. All known methods of psychostimulation exist only for this reason.

But the disadvantage of these methods is that after a temporary increase in the level of your energy and efficiency, they necessarily lead to the exhaustion of your nervous system. You take this energy on credit, which you extinguish with your health.

Hardware psychotherapy “Audiocatharsis” is devoid of this shortcoming. It reduces the resistance of nerve fibers.

As a result, the energy produced by your receptors in a calm state becomes more than enough. You no longer need artificial and toxic stimulants.