Your feelings during the session

At first, during the sessions, you will distinguish only 2 feelings: drowsiness and lack of drowsiness. The more damage to your nerve pathways, the more drowsy. There may be no state of cheerfulness at the beginning of the course. Gradually, the feeling of sleepiness will decrease, but vigor, on the contrary, will increase.

You will feel the appearance and decrease of vigor in the “joy” mode every 18 minutes, in the “energy” mode – every 27 minutes.

After each session, the mood will improve. How quickly this happens depends on how severe your depression is. The first time you reach a state of joy can be very intense for you. You will suddenly experience a feeling of joy, cheerfulness, energy. The world will become brighter, the sounds will be louder, the world around you will make you smile. For the first time, this period will be short-lived.

More often people reach the state of “joy” gradually without sudden changes in mood. In this case, you will notice that your mood after the session is better than it was before. This improvement in mood lasts for a long time. The more sessions you have, the longer your good mood lasts.

You may not notice changes in your state. You will hear from the people around you that you have changed a lot. Therefore, take the test again every 10 sessions.

Your mood changes in the following sequence. Depression gives way to irritation. Calmness follows irritation. After tranquility comes joy. The only difference is the speed of passing these levels. The sequence is always the same.

The most difficult phase is irritation. At this time, a person is very negative towards everything that surrounds him. At this time, patients most often quit the course. They find a thousand explanations for their behavior. If patients do continue the course, then very soon they enter the calm phase.

At what level of mood the patient stopped the session, at this level he will live for a long time.

Apparatus psychotherapy is a kind of physiotherapy. Therefore, during the sessions there will always be an exacerbation of your diseases. These exacerbations will disappear by the end of the session. Gradually, you will get rid of all physical and mental manifestations of your diseases. If you are concerned about any discomfort after the session that you did not remove during the session, then at the beginning of the next session this discomfort will disappear and your mood will improve.

The more sessions you go through, the less anxiety and depression you will have.

We wish you to take the course “Audiocatharsis” and achieve physical and mental health. Bring your friends so that they also become healthy.