Frequently asked Questions. FAQ

Question: I do not feel the steps described in the instructions

Answer: Not everyone can feel small changes in their body, health, mood. The reason is that you experience physical discomfort for a long time, often for decades. You can no longer remember your life without him. You think this is a “normal” state. Moreover, you will be very surprised if you find that other people do not experience such discomfort. Therefore, we focused on the state of alertness / sleepiness. As sensations that are easier to perceive.

Question: I have already gone through several sessions and do not feel that my mood has improved.

Answer: People tend to downplay their levels of depression. Most often, they ignore the requirement of the instruction, take a test for depression. When interviewing these people, it always turns out that their level of depression is quite high. Mood changes are gradual. In addition, the peculiarity of our brain is such that it quickly forgets all the bad things. Therefore, even if you notice an improvement in your mood during the session, after a few minutes you begin to doubt whether it was. If you follow the instructions, you will end each session in a better mood than when you started. The lower the level of depression, the smaller the difference.

Question: When will I feel a surge of good mood?

Answer: Take the Depression Test. The number of points you earned roughly corresponds to the number of sessions required for the first noticeable improvement in mood.

Question: How long should the session last.

Answer: Time doesn’t matter. You can listen to a track 1-5 times in one session. The only prerequisite is that every time you listen to the track completely.

Question: If I do not feel joy, then how to determine if audiocatarsis helps me

Answer: If during the session you alternately feel sleepy / alert, then physiopsychotherapeutic audiocatharsis acts on you. You just need to keep practicing until your mood improves significantly.

Question: Can one method cure many diseases?

Answer: The method of physiopsychotherapy Audiocatharsis does not cure ANY disease. Does not treat bronchial asthma, diabetes mellitus, cerebral palsy, depression, neuroses, panic attacks. The goal of this method is to restore nerve function. And the normalization of the innervation of organs leads to a cure for bronchial asthma, diabetes mellitus, cerebral palsy, depression, neuroses, panic attacks.